April 7, 2023

How to Fake Your Way to Musical Genius: The AI Edition

Are you tired of struggling to make a song you are truly proud of? Do you feel like your lack of musical upbringing or knowledge puts you at a disadvantage? Fear not, because the future of music-making is here, and it's throwing all limitations out the window. These tools may not make you an overnight sensation, but they will certainly make the music production process a lot more fun and less frustrating. Here are 8 AI tools that will make you a musical genius (or at least sound like one):

  1. Amper Music: Finally, a way to become the next Beethoven without having to actually learn how to play an instrument. With Amper Music, you can create your own original musical score in just minutes. Simply choose your preferred genre, adjust the tempo and instrumentation, and voila! Instant musical genius. 
  2. Amadeus Code: Struggling to come up with the perfect melody? Let Amadeus Code do the work for you. This AI-powered platform analyzes your preferences and creates custom melodies for your tracks. So go create some melodies you can sing in the shower while flushing writer’s block down the drain.
  3. StemPort: Never waste time labeling & organizing stems again. The most daunting part of the modern music making experience is labeling stems, whether you just received a folder that is pure chaos, or you’ve got a 250 track session that you need to label properly before sending to your collaborator/mixer. StemPort takes this busy work away, allowing you to focus on what’s important: Creating. 
  4. LANDR: Mastering your tracks can be a daunting task, but with LANDR, it's a breeze. This AI-based platform uses machine learning to analyze your music and apply mastering techniques automatically. No need to spend hours tweaking EQs and compressors - just sit back, grab a coffee, and come back to a mastered track that’s on par with your favorite recordings. 
  5. Odesli: Now that you’ve gotten through the creative gauntlets, don't let the hassle of distributing your music to different streaming platforms hold you back. Odesli uses AI to analyze your music and apply metadata accordingly, making it easy to get your music out there. Plus, they offer social media promotion and playlist pitching to help you get noticed.
  6. Melodrive: Video game and virtual reality experiences require adaptive music, and Melodrive is here to help. This AI-based platform generates custom music based on user gameplay, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. It's like having your own personal video game soundtrack composer.
  7. AI Music: Need custom music for your business or brand? AI Music can help. This AI-powered platform analyzes your brand and creates custom tracks that align with your message and image. You'll have a unique soundtrack for your business in no time.
  8. OpenAI Jukebox: Want to experiment with different genres and sounds? OpenAI Jukebox is the way to go. This AI-based platform generates original music in various genres, including rock, jazz, and hip hop. Who knows, you may just discover a new musical style you never knew you loved.

OK, so these AI tools may not turn you into a musical prodigy overnight, but they will certainly make the music-making process a lot more fun and accessible. So go ahead, experiment, and see what kind of musical masterpieces you can create with the help of AI.